"Let the wood be wood and then some."



Stump Standards was founded in 2013 by artist Wayne Stump with the goal of creating beautiful furniture with the unique and personal taste of each of our clients.  We only use materials gathered from throughout the United States and in doing so, we are able to  give our clients pieces of exceptional quality and pricing. 


Our inventory consists of 7 species of wood that are unique and kiln dried.  These logs come from the central to eastern parts of the United States where they are taken from sustainable forests.  This means that for each tree we take, one tree is planted.  We also salvage trees that have fallen or died to create room for new trees.  We embrace the fact that each tree has a different story to tell and our highly skilled craftsmen do everything they can to preserve and strengthen these traits.     


All products used during our processes are eco-friendly and made in the United States.  We also take pride in utilizing local resources in support of small businesses.


Studio is located in Portsmouth, OH







"Our promise is to create pieces of furniture that not only serve a functional purpose but that also bring life to any space."









Owner, Wayne A. Stump